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SMTP - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)


We are commited to provide you best service. We deliver your order immiadiately.

WEBMAIL - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)


We are commited to provide you best service. We deliver your order immiadiately.

MAILER - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)


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RDP - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Payment: Accepted payments (policy) -

Payment through Paypal: 
We only accept payment via paypal if you accept confirm your personal information coincides with paypal account information.

Information confirmed include: A picture I scanned identity card or passport coincides with your paypal info

When paying via paypal request section:

I'm making personal payments (ie, shared Expenses, rental charges, payment and others)
Email to recipient

Subject:  I acknowledge your service is ok.
Message (optional):
I acknowledge your service is ok. Will not have any complaints about your service. I accept payments and will never crane type complaints about this transaction.

Big promotion: $ 5 / all products that we offer a unique detail for customers paying by paypal. 
Note: We will give you the link order, if you order on paypal link, the order will not succeed. Please contact paypal to request a refund. Remember the $ 5/1 paypal order first.

Payment via WU or Moneygram: 

We only accept payment via WU or Moneygram to the minimum amount of $ 100.

Payment via Perfect money or Bitcoin:
Please do NOT pay via other account. We don'thave responsibility about that.
Our Account Information

1. Paypal:
2. Perfect Money: U5556373
3. Webmoney ( WMZ ): Z116274263280
4. Bitcoin (BTC): 13uYuXvNLPvk3yHAohueC1s9UDxL1PrD1v

What you should know when getting Unlimited SMTP Server and use

* After receiving Unlimited Server please use immediately. Because your Unlimited Private Server should not be limited to the time of use.

* Each Unlimited Server should send only 250 email / sec (Type 5 SMTP thread on AMS). If you send too limited Unlimited Server may hang or delayed sending email.

* Before using Unlimited Server you should test with 1 or 2 mail (mail checks). If you do not like that you have the right to exchange or refund request. Note: If you send the test with more than 500 bulk mail or hill we will not refund because you did for IP Server is no longer new and fresh.

* All servers are not limited to mail. And all created from the server hosting are limited. When you test Unlimited Server with 1 or 2 and Deliver mail. This proves that all the email you were sent Deliver. After you spam mail marketing in a certain period (usually one day) Server IP blacklist will fall into the ISP (Internet Service Provider) and all the major anti-spam Organizations not Deliver.

* When Email Marketing please check carefully your email list. If email is not worth (invalid email addresses) is sent it will be returned Unlimited Server and stored in the HDD. Email sent and returned via email 25 blocked.
Results light: slow and outgoing email Deliver.
Results Weight: HDD full and hanging Unlimited Server, the ISP (Internet Service Provider) server IP block

* When you use software that sends mail (AMS4.3) attention Email Sender (Email from:) Note should not stop the company email does not value (eg for Unlimited Server will not connect and send mail. You should use @ and other kinds of value.

* When you use software that sends mail (AMS4.3) attention should use real IP of the computer to install AMS. If you use SSH or proxy to change IP, please check SSH or proxy longer live or not.

Why Unlimited SMTP ( Webmail, Mailer ) Server only survive in a short time ?

We bought Server providers on the Internet. Server default without any limits on Email Marketing. However all vendors Server they have their own policies and ban violates their clients.

Spam bulk mail marketing is a violation of the policy provider. If they report and mandatory stop the infringing activity we had to shutdown the server.

To ensure there is always Unlimited SMTP ( Webmail, Mailer ) provides to customers. We are required to limit the operating time of your server to prevent report. We have studied very carefully about how to send bulk mail and sent by email 1,000,000 / 6 hours with conditions Unlimited Server computer and install AMS same area. Unlimited Server we provide a large part in the USA. We recommend that you use RDP to send mail with high speed because if Unlimited Server in USA while the PCs in China AMS mail will slow speed greatly, plus not to mention slow network elements .

Friday, April 10, 2015

How long to register your domain and IP address with all the major anti-spam organizations

To register a domain with with all the major anti-spam organizations, enter the following information. There is a USD $30.00 administrative charge per domain registered. You will also need access to modify your domain's DNS records in order to prove ownership. Once domain ownership has been proven, you may be subject to a 7 day waiting period before your domain is published in order to prevent abuse.

Download UltraISO Premium Edition 9.5.3 Build 2836 + Serial

Download UltraISO Premium Edition 9.5.3 Build 2836
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Please contact admin to get Free
Yahoo: emailztool
Viber: +1 ( 517) 325 9655
Skype:  smtpgroupdotcom
ICQ: 688691132

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Creating business Email service

Business Email is the email that have a form like this:

For the example:

To creat for yourself a Business Email, you have to buy a domain. Your domain is one of the kind and you totally own it. In order to buy a domain. You have to identified that What is your name of your domain?, did anybody bought that domain?. And is the website that can check which domain is avaliable for you to buy.

The Fee for creating domain name: 12$ per year

The Fee for creating email form : 20$ per year

Exdenting time: the extending time of your email is depend on your domain. If your domain is expried, please contact us for renew

Time Finishing: 1 day

Number of email sending: 500 email per day ( 100% inbox)

Number of email receive: unlimited

The size of email storage : 5G

Accept payment: Paypal, Perfect money, Bitcoin, WU, Moneygram

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

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Traffic is the number of people that access to your website. And it make your website more popular and easier to find on google. Our traffic service we provide is accepted and statistics by Google Analytics

And here is our fee’s list on traffic’s service:

100,000 view | Times: 3 weeks | IP access: from every country that you want| Price: $20

Fee’s list on increase Alexa class:

From Nodate to 1,000,000 | Times: 2 weeks | Price: $30
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From 800,000 to 600,000 | Times: 4 weeks | Price: $100
From 600,000 to 400,000 | Times: 6 weeks | Price: $350
From 400,000 to 200,000 | Times: 6 weeks | Price: $900

Fee’s list on increase Youtube viewer, Like and follow on 


1,000 view on youtube | Times: 1 weeks | Price: $20

1,000 like or follow Facebook | Times: 1 weeks | Price: $25

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